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The idea for Wellesley Neighbors (formerly Wellesley at Home) took shape in the fall of 2008 following two public meetings at the Wellesley Free Library that described Beacon Hill Village in Boston. In just three years, through the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers, the organization has obtained its 501(c)(3) status as a nonprofit corporation, gained over 130 members, and employed in 2010-11 an Interim Coordinator, and, since November 2011, an Executive Director.

Wellesley Neighbors supports older adults who wish to remain active, independent and engaged in their communities.  It serves adults residing in Dover, Natick, Needham, Wellesley, and Weston. It is an inclusive community of caring and connection supported by membership fees and donations, but without eligibility limits imposed by age or income.  It is part of the national "village movement" that includes some 100 similar organizations around the country, with over one hundred more in the planning stage. 

In 2012, Wellesley Neighbors began accepting members who are residents of four neighboring communities –Dover, Natick, Needham, and Weston.  Among the benefits that members receive are complimentary membership in the Wellesley College Club and use of the College pool and indoor and outdoor tracks.  Assistance is available through member-vetted service referrals and the ability to volunteer in support of other members.  A monthly speaker series, opportunities to join affinity groups, and invitations to luncheons, museums, concerts, and special events provide a range of opportunities for intellectual and social engagement.
The organization remains committed to collaboration with other Wellesley agencies and organizations, and to making ongoing contributions to the communities it serves.